Sectarian, Racial & Public Order Offences

“Public Order” describes a whole myriad or offences within the criminal justice legal system, ranging from Sectarian, breach of the peace, drunk and disorderly, threatening words and behaviour, harassment, to affray, violent disorder and riot.

We have successfully defended them all, and no matter how trivial or how serious you view your matter, we will bring our considerable experience to bear.

Sectarian Offences?

The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 is now part of Scottish Law.

The new law was designed to reduce religious and sectarian hatred associated with football.

The Act has created two new offences.

One covers behaviour in and around football matches, the other relates to messages sent by post or by electronic means.

Anyone convicted under the new legislation could face a prison sentence of up to five years. Clearly sentences can be severe and you should seek advice straight away from experts in this new area of law.

A number of Human Rights issues may arise. You may be accused of saying something which could be regarded as ‘offensive’ or ‘sectarian‘ at a football match, or even for instance if you are in a pub watching the TV.

You do not even have to be at an actual football match to convicted under this law.

This is a new law which is still being tested in the courts and as soon as you face problems you should get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors, who are some of the best in Scotland to deal with such matters.

The right to free speech, protected by the Human Rights Act 1998, is not an absolute right. However any interference with it must be shown to be necessary

Any intrusion on the right to express could have a chilling effect on free speech, whether it be the freedom to sing an age old anthem or express and exchange new ideas.

It is an integral part of the right – and vital to the lifeblood of democracy – that individuals feel able to express their views (even distasteful and unpleasant views) without fear of criminal repercussion.”

Other football laws

There are a number of laws which already deal with behaviour related to football:-

Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 already provides for an offence of “threatening and abusive behaviour”.

Section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 allows for offences to be aggravated by religious prejudice. Football banning orders can be made against individuals convicted of a violent offence which involves a football

The Offences (Aggravation by Prejudice) Scotland Act 2009 allows for an offence to be aggravated by the perpetrator evincing malice and ill-will towards the victim on the grounds of sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability, or where a perpetrator is motivated by such malice and ill-will.

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