Police Interview

Police Interview?  You have the right to have advice from a qualified solicitor prior to interview.

There is a myth that those who attend the police station with a lawyer only do so because they are guilty.  This is not true.  For many people, their first response when faced with police questioning is to attend on their own and to answer questions immediately, believing they can talk their way out of the situation and leave as quickly as possible. This is rarely the best strategy.

By attending the police station with one of our lawyers, we will be able to obtain information about the investigation, the reasons why you are being interviewed, explain to you the process, advise you about the options that you have and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the proceedings.   Sometimes the best advice is to decline to answer questions, at least until further information is provided as to the case against you.

If you are contacted by the police to arrange an attendance, contact Aamer Anwar & Co. and we will advise you prior to interview, and attend with you at the police station if necessary.

Police Interview- What do you do on Arrest?

If you are detained or arrested and about to be interviewed, you are entitled to have a solicitor informed.

Ask for Aamer Anwar & Co. to be advised of your detention and we will be there to assist you.

You will have the opportunity to have a telephone consultation, and we will attend, advise and assist you at interview if necessary.

In the Police Interview- How to deal with the Police

Always be polite and calm, there is no point in the police adding to the charges against you.

When asked provide your name address and personal details but do not discuss the alleged offence until you have spoken to a solicitor

You have the right to ask for a solicitor of your choice, ask for Aamer Anwar & Co to be informed.