Personal Injury

Injured? Seeking Compensation?

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident – at work, on the road or out-and-about – that was not your fault, you might be entitled to claim compensation.

But who should you speak to? How do you go about making a claim? How much will it cost?

Our new service for you

Due to increasing demand from our clients, we have teamed up with experts, Thompsons Solicitors, to assist our clients with all types of personal injury claim.

Thompsons’ lawyers are experts in advising people who would like to make a work accident or ill health compensation claim. Thompsons has an excellent success rate: winning over 90% of their personal injury cases, and recovering over £1 million every week for clients.

Our No Win No Fee compensation lawyers work to settle every claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, and aim to obtain the maximum compensation available in every case.

The amount of compensation you receive for your accident at work will depend on the injuries and losses arising from your accident.  Our No Win No Fee lawyers will assess your claim for all heads of damages

What happens when you make a claim?

First off, a solicitor will chat everything through with you at a time and location that suits you. We will advise you on whether or not you have a good claim and what your options are.

Once we know all the facts then we can work out exactly what your losses have been and how much to claim for. We will discuss this with you, and together we can work out the best way forward.

If you decide to proceed we will get in touch with the other party. Two things may then happen:

  1. They may accept responsibility and we will negotiate with them on your behalf to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to; or
  2. They may deny responsibility and we will take them to court on your behalf, to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Make a claim now

Our Solicitors specialise in advising people on making compensation claims. If you are thinking about making a claim, give one of our injury solicitors a call. The initial advice is free, and we have a no win no fee package for those who wish to take matters further.