Murder & Violent Crime


Over 50 years ago the death penalty was abolished in this country yet today over half a century later people are convicted of murder far more easily in the past.

It suggested that this is down to leaps in technology and forensics such as DNA but this is only part of the reason. The fact is that the system is heavily weighted against those accused of murder.

Both the Police and Crown Prosecution expend huge resources on murder investigations while legal aid  lawyers are subject to limited public funding. There is a tendency to assume the worse

Our key to defending Murder and serious crimes of Violence is to have a highly experienced solicitor who controls the case preparation with an iron fist and our instructing Scotland’s top QC’s to advocate on your behalf in court.

We can be trusted to give every case proper attention. We take on these cases under legal aid funding where there is no alternative and subsidise them where necessary to ensure that they are prepared properly.

Our lawyers have extensive experience of defending those accused of violent crime, ranging from allegations of obstructing a police officer, assault and serious assault, the use of firearms or weapons, rape though to murder.

Maybe your case is one of mistaken identity?

Perhaps the complainer is lying, or you were acting in self defence?  Our team of top lawyers  can help you achieve justice and get you the best possible result.

Whether a prosecution is brought in the District Court, Sheriff Court or in the High Court of Justiciary we can assist.

We can take your case all the way to the highest courts, through our own specialists and links with highly experienced advocates.

All our clients have one thing in common: they are innocent until proven guilty and we will do everything to ensure that their best interests are served. We are passionately committed to high standards of work on behalf of clients.

Serious and complex cases generate huge amounts of paper, electronic data, and audio-visual recordings. Somewhere in this mountain of information will lie a grain of information that can turn a case around.

The strength of any defence depends on the lawyer in charge of the team. Running serious and complex criminal cases requires an array of special skills:

  • strategic thinking
  • flawless organisation
  • a tough and determined litigation style
  • skill in getting the best from experts and counsel

It is in these areas that we excel and we always aim to be the best.

We deal with lots of clients who are embarrassed by the allegations that they are facing. Nothing fazes us. We understand that you may be traumatised and upset and will work with you through the difficulties to achieve the result you want.

It maybe that you are deeply unhappy with the representation you are receiving. You are entitled to choose your own lawyer and there is no point in persisting if you are deeply unhappy and there has been a breakdown in communication and trust.

If you feel unable to resolve the situation then we will be happy to act for you.

Firearms & Offensive Weapons

Whatever the allegation you face, be it firearms, ammunition, offensive weapons or a knife, we have a considerable experience of defending such matters.

You may think that the case against you is straightforward, or it may involve forensic or other scientific contact trace material such as fingerprints or DNA.

You need to have the confidence that your lawyer will understand the full significance of this, and appreciate the inherent weaknesses involved. With our Solicitors, you will have that confidence.

Child Cruelty

Our lawyers are sensitive to the fact that where any allegation involves a child the case is fraught with emotion. Whether you are accused of child abandonment, cruelty or abduction, you can be confident that we will fight to achieve you the best possible result.


Whether you are charged with an offence of dishonesty (such as theft, burglary, deception, or fraud) , Robbery or  criminal damage (including arson) we can represent you.

Murder or Serious Crime of Violence

Whether it be Murder or any other serious crime of violence you are accused of by instructing us you can be assured of first class legal advice and representation.