Corporate Crime

We are criminal law specialists and should you be charged with corporate crime, white collar or business crime then our criminal specialist solicitors are best placed to defend you. Why go to a dentist if you need heart surgery? The same principle applies to corporate crime.

You will of course up until now through your business dealings had to deal with corporate lawyers who are very good at dealing with your business ventures unfortunately that does not make them specialists in criminal law and corporate crime.

Our team has a wealth of experience in defending complex and large scale investigations of serious business and financial crime. These will normally include investigations by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority, as well as the Police and other bodies.

We will use the most advanced and sophisticated techniques to identify the key issues for you in a clear and relevant way as well as to highlight the weaknesses and inconsistencies in the Crown’s case.

We will put together a specialist team tailor made to the requirements of your case, which can include forensic accountants, IT specialists, and Tax specialists. In the most serious cases this may include the country’s leading QC’s and we guarantee you access to the most up-to-date and relevant expertise.

We have been involved in some of the highest profile cases across the UK in recent years. We have the firepower to deliver and regularly outpace rivals in the criminal field and our leading criminal defence lawyers possess a unique reputation for individual treatment of your case which can be lost in bigger firms. Described by the Scotland on Sunday Newspaper as ‘taking on the big guns of the legal system.’

We act for both corporate crime clients as well as individuals facing regulatory investigations for allegations of corruption, fraud, tax evasion, insider dealing, money laundering as well as offences under the Companies Act. In addition we will deal with the serious crimes of corporate manslaughter and Health and Safety prosecutions.

Corporate Crime, what is it?

Our expert team can deal with a wide spectrum of cases including those of:-

Investment Fraud, Insider Trading, Money Laundering, Pension Fraud, Mortgage Fraud

Bribery, Commodities Fraud, Tax and VAT fraud, Duty Fraud, False Accounting

Fraudulent Trading, Advance Fee Fraud, Corruption, Insolvency, Cartels

Missing Trader Intra- Community (MITC) and Carousel Fraud, Boiler Room Fraud

Credit Card Fraud, Financial Regulatory Offences, Confiscation Orders

Forfeiture and Seizure of Assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act

Corporate Manslaughter, Disciplinary Tribunals and more./p>

We will represent you from the moment you believe you are in trouble and you should not wait to be arrested. We are regularly instructed in relation to Proceeds of Crime investigations and you should see our link dealing with Proceeds of Crime.

Such cases are normally connected to criminal trials although in certain cases we are successful in convincing the crown not to prosecute the client but to deal with the matter on the basis of civil proceedings.

Such cases can also mean having to consider issues arising in foreign jurisdictions including clients who wish to return to this country without being extradited, we are experienced in such matters.

No case is too small or too large. All clients are dealt with sympathetically and with discretion. We are passionately committed to our clients and their cases and pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide. We know that clients want a real sense of control.

We work hard to ensure that clients are fully informed about the relevant law and the choices they have. Where clients want to engage with the detail of a case we treat them as key members of the team.

If you would like to speak to us about your requirements, or if you would simply like further details regarding our services, please contact us and arrange to meet with Mr Anwar.

As part of our Forensic , Tax and Proceeds of Crime Specialist team we instruct- John O’Donnell- a Director of Tax & Foresic Services Ltd.

His specialisms include the following:- Code 9 Investigations, VAT, Excise & Customs Duty Investigations, HMRC Prosecutions, Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime/Confiscation Cases , Proceedings before the First Tier (Tax) Tribunal

John’s career was spent mainly with the National Investigation Service of HM Customs & Excise (now HM Revenue & Customs), where he spent 13 years, before leaving to join Pricewaterhouse Coopers, where he spent 8 years specialising in providing fraud and tax investigation services, together with the relevant accounting experience, to private clients, corporates and the legal profession.

John has been involved in a variety of fraud, corporate governance and tax investigation cases, and has given evidence in the High Court, Crown Court, Magistrates Court in England, together with giving expert evidence in the Sheriff and High Court in Scotland. He has substantial experience in dealing with matters before the First Tier (Tax) Tribunal.

John’s forensic experience comes from over 29 years of reviewing business books and records both from his time in Customs and in private practice and from both prosecution and defence perspectives.